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Redskins Continue Dating Girlfriend They Don't Like After Every Cheerleader Turns Them Down

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Washington Post - Despite speaking to several former head coaches who were once top defensive coordinators in the NFL, the Redskins plan on keeping their own, Greg Manusky.

This ends a strange two-week period in which the team was linked to meetings with Gregg Williams, Todd Bowles and Steve Wilks — all of whom had been fired as head coaches at season’s end. Normally, when teams speak with potential coordinators, they have an opening. But Washington talked to all three without letting go of Manusky, who just completed his second season as the Redskins’ defensive coordinator.


This team is the WORST. The absolute WORST. Over the last couple of weeks, the Skins have been interviewing coaches to take over the defensive coordinator position. One small problem though- the Redskins have a defensive coordinator on the staff that they didn’t fire. They were just interviewing and trying to hire a new coach while Manusky was just sitting there, watching them do it. All 3 guys, Williams, Bowles, and Wilks took other jobs because of course they did because they aren’t idiots, so the Redskins “plan on keeping their own, Greg Manusky”. Pretty ridiculous they were interviewing for his job while he still had the job. What a slap in the face. And what is Manusky supposed to do…quit? That doesn’t sound ideal.

This is just more of the same from the Redskins front office. They treat everyone like dog shit. They were trying to date the 3 new cheerleaders at the school, and when they all said no, they tried to make it seem like it was their choice all along. It’s just a continuing pattern of disrespect and inappropriate behavior from the Skins. Dis ray. My friend Dis Ray got new specs. Dis ray spect. My friend Inappro drives a Prius with his behind neighbor. That’s the Redskins.