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Getting To Know The Stars Of The Premier Lacrosse League. They're Just Like Me And You, Only More Athletic And Way Better At Lacrosse

The 2019 US Lacrosse Convention was this past weekend in Philadelphia. Some of the biggest names in the game were all together in Philly. From star players to the equipment companies, and then they let me hang out for a while as well. So while I was there, I figured I’d catch up with some of the PLL guys as they get ready for their inaugural season and talk to them about some of the more important topics. Things like having more rings than Tom Brady, or who they really don’t want to have to room with on the road, or why Philly is the best lacrosse city in the world. So hear from Tucker Durkin, Kyle Hartzell and Jerry Ragonese on those subjects and more.

I also got to catch up with a few other people while they were in town for LaxCon so I decided to chop a quick little podcast episode with interviews from Nick Diegel, who set a record at Lax Con for the world’s fastest shot at 123.1mph

Then we also had Greg from EastCoastDyes on, the fellas from StringKing, and current NLL free agent Bill O’Brien. You can catch that episode right here on iTunes.

Sport of the Future.