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There's Rumblings Of A Possilbe Flyers Vs Penguins Game At Beaver Stadium


Granted, this is simply Howard Eskin bullshit, but for as much as I personally loathe the man his “sources” don’t come out of nowhere. So NHL, go screw your little Winter Classic spank-a-thon you’ve got going on in DC this year. We’ll brawl it out in Happy Valley. I can only imagine the greatness of a Flyers-Pens game in Happy Vally now. The fans would be split directly down the middle and as angry about their lives as they come.

50,000 of Pittsburgh’s finest scum vs. 50K of Philly’s classiest drunks. Who ya got? In the end, nobody wins.

FLYERS 2014-2015 SCHEDULE: 1000th straight season with the unofficial slogan being, “Why Not Us?”