Two Elderly Women Were Thrown Out Of The Australian Open For Fighting Over a Headband - Bonus: Tennis Smokeshow Katie Boulter

Last night after Aryna Sabalenka’s straight sets win over Katie Boulter, she decided to launch her headband into the stands for a lucky fan, like most players do. Now there’s no way in the world you know who Sabalenka is, but she is seeded 11th in this tournament and is a rising star in the sport at just the age of 20.

Sabalenka’s headband toss found its way to two elderly women. At first glance I thought they were friends and just messing around, but as the video goes on it becomes very clear they are newly found arch enemies. Neither side will budge on giving up the headband, despite the woman on the right’s constant yanking. The woman on the left just continues to laugh at her, cockily knowing she’s not prying it from her hands. This goes on for a full minute! 60 seconds of two old woman fighting over a random tennis player’s headband. Sabalenka is a very good player, but it’s not like she’s Serena, Sharapova, number one in the world Simona Halep, Federer, Djokovic, etc. You having Sabalenka’s headband will do you absolutely nothing. These two women didn’t care one bit, one of them was going to walk out of that arena with an Australian Open headband. Or were they?

Well, in rather unfortunate news, neither won the battle. Security came over and escorted both women out of the place. They also confiscated the headband causing both lunatics to leave empty handed. I wonder how long this would have gone on for if security didn’t get involved. How long until a brawl took place? I have a feeling we’d be looking at an old school western standoff between the two that would still be going on as I type this. The entire arena would have emptied out and these two would still be yanking. I respect how outrageous a move this was.

Some people are truly just from outer space.

(h/t) tennis reddit

Bonus: Aryna Sabalenka’s opponent, smokeshow Katie Boulter. I would let this woman lock me in a cage for weeks with no food or water if it meant we could go out to lunch.