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UFC Fighter Mike Perry Says He's Gonna Fuck His Girlfriend Up Sparring, Proceeds To Drop Her Pretty Hard

(Fast forward to the 4:40 mark for the shot that drops her)

Uhhh, what the fuck? I mean…holy shit.

Mike Perry has never seemed like the smartest dude, and his relationship with “The Platinum Princess”, his coach/girlfriend, has never seemed like the healthiest of the sort, but I didn’t really think when those two deadly chemicals mixed, we’d have this concoction; a video of Perry telling his girlfriend he was gonna fuck her up…followed by him, I guess, kinda fucking her up (in a light sparring sense at first, I suppose)…finished up with an incredibly hard body shot that dropped her to her knees. All the while onlookers in the background are screaming “EQUAL RIGHTS!!!”. Like…what? Does anyone within a 20-mile radius of Mike Perry realize that this, all of this, is just a horrible, horrible look? Because at the end of the day – this was uploaded on MIKE PERRY’s OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It’s called, “PLATINUM PUNISHMENT”!

Every now and then, specifically at the top level of mixed martial arts, male fighters spar with female fighters in the gym. It happens…sometimes. It was actually a bit of a talking point before UFC 232, because Amanda Nunes spars with men pretty frequently as it’s hard to find women she won’t immediately knock out if she’s swinging at full strength. Luke Thomas claims that Brian Stann has sparred with her, and considered it a baaaad time. Now, that being said, when there’s intergender sparring going on in the gym, it’s also usually the man’s responsibility to make sure he isn’t throwing enough power behind his shots to drop the female he’s sparring with.

Mike Perry, though…doesn’t seem like he gives a shit! Didn’t even apologize, or make sure his girlfriend was okay. Tripped her onto her head a few times, threw some shots a little harder than he should’ve been throwing them, and then delivered a gut punch so loud it practically echoed through the gym.

Once again, you have to ask: What the fuck???

If you’re unfamiliar with Perry, this clip of him recently being asked if fellow fighter Luis Pena was his friend should tell you all you need to know, paired with the above debacle.