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Ever Wonder How A Fight Between A Muay Thai World Champion And Some Dude Making His Muay Thai Debut Would Go?

Welp. Just like that.

I found this clip on Reddit yesterday, and as much as it cracked me up, it definitely gave me a pretty big rush of sympathy for the unconscious fella, so I had to find out how this was possibly sanctioned. Apparently, the situation here, according to user ‘thebearjewster’, was this:

“It was originally supposed to be a title fight. The champ pulled out with an injury last minute and Lerdsila needed an opponent because he had flown from Thailand for the fight, this MMA fighter stepped up on a moments notice to fight.”

Imagine that. You’re an MMA fighter, you hear about the opportunity to step into a muay thai title fight at a moments’ notice, you don’t have to go through a long, grueling camp, and you think hey – let’s just see what happens. You think, “I do muay thai on Tuesdays, I’ve gotten into a clinch or two in my day. Mixin’ up combat sports is the hot new things in the streets these days…let’s see what happens!”

Welp. That happens. Sad!