Zion Williamson Is The Modern Day Version Of Charles Barkley, Just Not As Fat

Look at what happens when you beat No. 1 Duke. Your head coach turns into an absolute comedian. Jim Boeheim even smiled! The man cracked a few jokes here, but I do love the Zion not being as fat as Charles Barkley. Mostly just because it means Barkley is going to say something about Boeheim now and that’s the back and forth America needs.

I get asked about the Zion comparison quite a bit. I’m not sure if there is a good one. Barkley makes sense to a degree. So does Larry Johnson and Rodney Rodgers. Those are the three that immediately come to mind. What Zion does similar to Barkley is make those quick first moves. We saw that last night against the 2-3 zone where he’d catch the ball in the middle and just quick turn, dropstep, layup. He’s got an explosive first step and that’s one of his biggest strengths.

As for the last part of his quote? He’s talking about Dolzeaj and this play:

I don’t know the last time I’ve seen someone go flying in the air taking a charge like that. It’s actually remarkable and quite understandable why he’s in so much pain and hurt after the game.