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The Celtics Should Be Both Ashamed And Embarrassed

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets

I am at a loss for words. Yes, Kyrie and Marcus Smart didn’t play but I don’t care. Don’t let the final score of 109-102 fool you. The Celtics, in a game they very much needed to win in an attempt to salvage anything positive from this three game disastrous road trip came out and got their dicks stomped by the Brooklyn Nets. Down by as much as 27, yes that’s right 27 points as a result of a 44 point third quarter is inexcusable on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. The worst part, this isn’t even the first time that’s happened this season! Have some fucking pride, is that too much to ask? You let D’Angelo Russell dominate you like that? Where you at Terry? Where is the toughness to put a body on him and shut him down? Once again, all this team needed to do was have a normal shitty quarter, call it 34-36 points and maybe we’re having a different conversation right now. The fact that they can’t get out of their own way is so goddamn frustrating.

And don’t think Brad doesn’t have some explaining to do. For the billionth time he once again and sat idle as we watched this lead blow up. A 20-2 lead before the first timeout, what does he need to see before he thinks “hmmmm maybe this is getting out of hand?” Especially with the players they were missing! He was quick to pull the trigger with timeouts early in the game, but sits on his hands as the game is slipping away? STOP DOING THAT.

I don’t even care that Jaylen and Tatum combined for 56 of the 102. Cool. I’m even willing to let Mook off the hook for his 3-11 night because of how good he’s been. Everyone else? You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be embarrassed. You owe me and every Celtics fan an apology for continuing to play like complete assholes. Once again no ball movement, once again poor selfish shot selection, once again no physicality on the glass, once again no defense. How many more steps back are you going to take before you realize that this is not how you can play and win? How many more bad teams (and maybe that’s not fair to BKN) do they need to lose to before they get it through their thick skull that it’s fucking January already? It makes my blood boil.

Another brutal night for Terry, Hayward gave them absolutely nothing on a night where this team needed both of them to contribute in a positive way on both ends. It’s hard to play worse than they did and it got to the point where we saw Terry get benched for Brad Wanamaker. Nothing against Wanamaker but that’s not a great sign. Starter Terry was supposed to be so much better and I saw nothing encouraging. He didn’t move the ball, half his shots were threes (he made 1) and everything stalled. With Hayward, look I don’t care if he’s working his way back, he needs to be about a billion times better that does without saying. Just 6 FGA is concerning but when he went 1-6 and kept getting burned on defense who’s to say he would have been better with more of an opportunity.

This team is now riding a 3 game losing streak with TOR up next. They did not gain any ground on the teams ahead of them despite the MIA/ORL/BKN stretch. They lost ground which is so goddamn frustrating.

I’ll have more tomorrow, I just had to rant.