Another Day, Another Barstool Sports Shirt Making Headlines At The New York Post

NY PostFirst there was Tebowing — and now there’s Te’oing. Social-media users poked fun at Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s fabricated girlfriend by posting pics of themselves posing with phantom sweethearts. The meme was dubbed “Te’oing” — echoing the one-time “Tebowing” craze, in which people mimicked Jets quarterback Tim Tebow’s on-field prayer pose.  And thanks to Te’o, Notre Dame has a new catchphrase. The slogan “Play Like a Champion Today,” which has been used at Fightin’ Irish games since 1986, got the Te’o treatment. The Web site Barstool Sports was selling a “Play Like Your Fake Girlfriend Died Today!” T-shirt for $24.95. “I defy anybody to ever come up with a better [Notre Dame] hater shirt than this. Cha-Ching!” the site read under a photo of the shamrock-adorned shirt. Dave Portnoy, 35, the site’s founder, said the idea came from a comment on a blog post they did on the Deadspin story. “Once I saw that, we had the shirt up within a half-hour,” he said. The site had sold about 2,000 shirts as of last night, he said.

Another day, another appearance in the prestigious New York Post. The last bastion of journalistic integrity. Whether we’re designing shirts about a girlfriend tasting like Cheerios or shirts about a fake dead girlfriend all together, you can count on 2 things: 1) The Barstool Sports clothing line will always bring the heat. and 2) The New York Post will always recognize our genius.

And by the way ever since this story broke every one at the Stool has been getting tweets emails and comments like “How pissed are you that Deadspin broke this story???” Yea man! Real fucking upset about that one! Gave us endless blog material and a hall of fame shirt. I mean don’t get me wrong, a serious tip of the cap to Deadspin for that work. Something we could have never done. Instead of sending Devlin out to research death certificates and social security numbers, we send him around the country to dress up as Darth Vader at techno rave parties. But when we’re selling thousands of shirts and coining new Notre Dame catch phrases, nobody over here at the Stool is losing sleep. With stories like these its like Deadspin is the nerd who does all the studying and then Barstool is the star quarterback that cheats on the test, gets the same grade, and ends up fucking the prom queen underneath the bleachers when its all said and done.