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Patriots Twitter Takes Brady's Lead and Fires Back at the Haters

You know what the best part of this is? The very people who’ve been making their living saying the Patriots suck and their championship run is over are the ones who scream the loudest when anyone with the team answers back. The howls of righteous indignation and denial are deafening. “No one said they’re done! The Patriots claim they don’t listen but they do! They say ‘Ignore the noise’ but they’re not ignoring anything!!!”

It’s fucking hysterical. Like the most successful franchise and the greatest winner ever in his sport are suppose to just take it. Say what you want about them but if they answer back, they’re being petty.

Well the haters have one thing right. Brady and the Patriots do listen. They lie when they say they don’t. But what the anti-Pats jihadists don’t get is they don’t listen because it bothers them. They listen because they can enrich that ore into weapons grade uranium and use it to nuke whomever the hot new franchise is back to the Stone Age. And not one person who’s emotionally invested in this team is telling anyone to stop. On the contrary. We want you to keep yapping. That negativity is the garbage that has been fueling this team’s Mr. Fusion since Lawyer Milloy found all the Steelers bags packed for New Orleans in a store room at Heinz Field back in January of 2002. The players use it. The coaches use it. For sure the fans use it. It only makes sense that the team’s social media accounts would follow suit. It keeps us from becoming complacent.

And I’m sure Barstool management would appreciate it if I mentioned you can do your part by buying a Still Here shirt. Otherwise Cliff Kellerman wins.