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Here's Proof NCAA Football Was The Greatest Video Game Ever

This is perfect. No other way to say it. It sums up NCAA Football in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of doing.

A pass from this angle? Resulting in a TD?

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 2.24.46 PM

I can’t even tell who the two teams are in this game. It appears one of the teams is Boston College. I think the defense may be Boston College as well. That would be the most perfect NCAA Football thing ever. It may be FCS Southeast to be honest.

There was nothing better in NCAA Football than taking a school like Boston College from an irrelevant program into a complete powerhouse. Boston College was a bit too high up for my liking. I would start with an Eastern Michigan or North Texas and take them to winning a national championship on Heisman level. It would sometimes take months, but in the end, all the recruiting was worth it.

Also, shout out to mascot mode: