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Golden Tate Says The Bills Carrying Jim Schwartz Off The Field Was A "Total Douche Move"

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“It’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed… It’s in the past. Hopefully they feel good about the Rudy moment that they had.”



Uh oh, you mad Golden? You sound mad. Maybe next time don’t lose and the opposing DC won’t get carried off the field, that is something that is very much in your hands.



And of course it was a total douche move, that’s the point. Jim Schwartz is a douche, that’s what makes him so great. In a world of prim and proper handshakes and people constantly acting like grudges don’t exist and competition doesn’t sometimes get heated Jim Schwartz is the opposite. You beat him on his field he’ll try to fight you (Harbaugh). He beats you on your field and he’s going to have himself a grand old time. He may be a douche but at least he’s a consistent douche. Better than a guy who gets upset at said douche and pretends like he’s never been a bad sport in his life.