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It's Nice To See Patrick Mahomes And His Girlfriend Enjoying Themselves After An Up And Down 2018

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Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend, Brittany Lynn, have had quite the year and it’s nice to see them out here enjoying one another after the Chiefs completely demolished the Colts.

ICYMI, The two have been together since their high school days in Whitehouse, Texas and both recently went through a horrific, life-changing event while Mahomes was getting ready to face the Cardinals in November.

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Lynn’s stepfather collapsed at Arrowhead Stadium while she was taking that selfie and never came back. Absolutely devastating. It’s unclear at what point Mahomes found out about his death, but his performance didn’t suffer as he went on to throw for 249 yards and put up two tds in a game I’m sure they’ll both never forget.

But both appear to be going through everything together and united.

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Good luck to the happy couple this weekend in the AFC Championship game. And if they get their asses handed to them by the Patriots, it’s a good thing Lynn is a trainer and can get endorphins coursing through their bodies…