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I HATE This Theory About Littlefinger That Is Making Its Rounds On The Internet


It feels like a new episode of Thrones hasn’t been on TV for at least a full decade, which means that the Reddit sleuths and gumshoes of the internet have been working overtime to figure out everything that has happened or will happen on the show by breaking down film like Ernie Adams. Now some of these fan theories are a little too crazy for me. Remember when Reddit turned the first season of True Detective into a modern masterpiece instead of just a really cool looking show with awesome actors and Alexandra Daddario?

Sorry, gotta keep it PG on the blog.

Don’t get me wrong, True Detective was still a fine show when all was said and done. But the amount of guess work and WILD theories that popped up about who the Yellow King was were farrrrr more interesting than what it turned out to be. Which is why I feel like this can’t theory can’t be true, right? I know the Faceless Men are an integral part of the show, hence why one of the best characters in all of Thrones was mopping like a maid for seasons at a time instead of slitting throats with Needle. But I can’t imagine that the people in charge of Thrones would rob us of one of the most satisfying on-screen deaths in the history of television.

*Thinks about everything we know about Game of Thrones, Littlefinger, and that sick fuck George R.R. Martin from the last 7 seasons*

Fuuuuuck, Littlefinger is DEFINITELY coming back and he is taking down multiple Stark kids when he does, huh? The Thrones writers really could use some barely audible whisper that only people with supersonic hearing could pick up because Littlefinger knowing that Bran Stark was some creepy little Peeping Tom whose brain is a DVR of the entire show now because that’s what Littlefinger does. He survives and advances. Counting him out is like counting out Belichick and Brady. It’s not over until they are dead and buried. And even then you think there’s a chance they will come back to life and slit your throat to emerge victorious. I mean we never saw Arya actually touch his face to make sure it wasn’t someone wearing a mask and if there is one thing we have learned from this show, it’s that the Starks love getting killed in surprising fashion because they took some half measure along the way. I still think this theory is a little extreme just like the one about Stannis being alive simply because we never saw him get killed (which I’m pretty sure has since been debunked). But still, any more clues about this being a possibility is something to watch when I start my marathon rewatch on February 6th.

Alright and for the savages that just scrolled to the bottom to see if I included the sex scene from True Detective, have at it you animals (NSFW, duh).