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Miley Cyrus Shares A Few Things She Loves About Liam Hemsworth On His 29th Birthday

Well isn’t this just the cutest thing ever to brighten up everyone’s Monday. I didn’t know I was going to cry as soon as I woke up today but I sure did after reading this post from Miley Cyrus. Yesterday was Liam Hemsworth’s birthday and Miley was kind enough to share all the things she loves about Liam with us. As you should know, Miley and Liam got married last month at their home in Nashville and have been posting cute insta’s ever since…

I just love how in love they are. I don’t care if that’s cheesy but seeing how happy they are warms my heart. Especially since The Last Song is one of my favorite movies that brings me right back to my childhood. Even Miley posted this throwback from 2009

Everything about their love story is perfect, even the part where Miley went a little crazy and they broke up for a bit. Miley needed that stage in her life or else we would have never gotten Wrecking Ball Miley


or twerking Miley


Liam had to let Miley produce a few breakup Bangerz before they got back together. Now they’re married and in love and will live happily ever after.