Europe Is Trying To Ruin Gambling Forever

Source –  The government is considering banning the use of credit cards in gambling – a move that would affect billions of pounds worth of bets a year.“Gambling operators must step in and act when people are showing signs of risky gambling. Their licences are at risk if they do not.”

Hold the fucking phone. If you show risky signs of gambling, guess what that’s what gambling is. When you are watching the game and all of a sudden you start to think “Fuck where in the world am I going to get this money to pay off this bet.” This is also why you get such real reactions from people because your bills, loans groceries etc are on the line.

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This won’t even be a question in the United States because it is your own decision. If I want to mortgage my house on the Patriots money line, so be it. I couldn’t imagine having no more money on my account but I knew the next game was a lock and couldn’t put my credit card down. A little spin zone, I think that not allowing credit cards will cause people to be more of a degenerate. There is no doubt in my mind that my first thought would be to sell my bird so I can get a bet in.

We need to put out a PSA to the world to leave gamblers alone. The only thing we need is to legalize it everywhere to make it a bit easier but we have been doing this for a long time. We have ruined our lives ourselves we don’t need people who have never gambled before to tell us to tone it down.

All in all Europe chill the fuck out. Worry about bigger problems and let us enjoy our misery by ourselves. We can’t have more things to worry about other then the game we have action on. Thank you in advance.