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The Most Important Fake Top-25 College Basketball Rankings On The Internet

Jan 14 Top 25

So every Monday I’ll be putting these together. But, what I want to do each week, besides rack up hopeful pageviews by people getting mad about where their team is, is address some of the biggest questions of the previous week. Now, the way I plan on doing these rankings is a combo of looking forward and looking behind. So take some of the results that we’ve seen, but also try to predict who will be the best teams going forward.

Top 25

1. Duke (1)
2. Michigan (2)
3. Virginia (3)
4. Tennessee (4)
5. Gonzaga (5)
6. Michigan State (7)
7. Texas Tech (6)
8. Virginia Tech (8)
9. Kansas (9)
10. Nevada (11)
11. Kentucky (14)
12. Marquette (20)
13. Ole Miss (NR)
14. NC State (10)
15. Auburn (13)
16. Florida State (12)
17. UNC (15)
18. Maryland (NR)
19. Villanova (NR)
20. Buffalo (24)
21. Houston (19)
22. Oklahoma (22)
23. Louisville (NR)
24. Mississippi State (18)
25. LSU (NR)

Dropped Out: Iowa State (16), Ohio State (17), Indiana (21), Seton Hall (23), Texas (25)

So a bit of a weird week in college hoops. The top-10 didn’t suffer a loss, but that middle of the pack was all over the place. There really are about 15 different teams you can put in from that 15-25 spot and people won’t yell. It’s starting to get a bit difficult as to just look at a resume now because teams are taking losses all over the place. Just look at Louisville for an example. This past week they lost at Pitt and then won at UNC. Just two different extremes there. But, that’s conference play. We’re seeing ‘bad’ losses on the road and then some real good wins. Same goes for UNC. They go to NC State get a win and then suffer the biggest home loss under Roy Williams.

How about Ole Miss. We talk about surprise teams all year and Ole Miss is making a case as the biggest surprise out of them all. Kermit Davis is in his first year there after building Middle Tennessee State into a mid-major power house. They got a home win over Auburn and then a road win over rival Mississippi State this week. They currently are undefeated in SEC play and 13-2 overall. The losses came at Butler and neutral vs Cincinnati. They don’t have a bad loss. Terence Davis, Blake Hinson and Breein Tyree make up a pretty solid top-3.

Finally, look at Villanova. I feel like everyone wrote them off after the back-to-back losses at Penn and Kansas. They didn’t look the part at the time. Sure, they looked okay but people weren’t sure what to fully make of them. Yes, they aren’t your typical Nova team. I don’t know how many pros they have. They aren’t a Final Four favorite. But, they are a favorite to win the Big East. They are currently undefeated in conference play with road wins over Providence and Creighton (2 places they typically have struggles). While Marquette may have a higher ceiling, Villanova has to be the favorite to win the Big East.

Top-25 Games Scheduled This Week:
No. 8 Virginia Tech at No. 3 Virginia – Tuesday, 8pm
No. 25 LSU at No. 13 Ole Miss – Tuesday, 9pm
No. 3 Virginia at No. 1 Duke – Saturday, 6pm
No. 11 Kentucky at No. 15 Auburn – Saturday, 4pm