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Marcus Peters Told Sean Payton To Keep Talking That Shit, The Rams Will See Him Soon. And Sure Enough They Will

So this quote came after the 45-35 barnburner between the Rams and Saints back in Week 11. Marcus Peters was the guy covering attempting to cover Michael Thomas during Thomas’ franchise-record 211 yard day, including this 72-yard game-clinching touchdown and summoning of the ghost of Joe Horn.

Now usually in these coach vs. player feuds, it always feels the player has the upper-hand because he is actually the one on the field and is more visible during the game. But Sean Payton is a petty person that loves running up the scores on teams and was likely quite the Chatty Cathy once the Saints pulled ahead in that first Rams game. Which is why if the Saints take a big lead on the Rams, I could see Payton calling passes to Thomas isolated on an island against Peters again and again and again. Pretty much the scene from Miracle, but with a player getting exposed in front of the entire football world.

Or Peters could pick a Bress pass off, take it to the house, pick up a bowl of gumbo he planted in the stands, and throw it right in Payton’s face while he wears my mom’s Scrabble glasses.


I imagine Peters and Payton will keep it quiet in the week leading up to the game so they don’t give their opponent any bulletin board (or whatever teams use to post important messages these days) material. But I hope they both keep talking that shit once the game starts. And if I know anything about Sean Payton or Marcus Peters, neither of them are really known to give much of a fuck.


No matter what happens, lets just enjoy the last three football games of the season, because I already feel an emptiness in my soul.