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There Was Utter Chaos During A Timeout Today In Washington

What a hilarious video. Look at this little kid going all GTA during this quick timeout earlier today. I’m not sure what the Wizards Game Ops people were thinking with this one, probably that they were going to have an innocent race with some sort of Power Wheel knock off that would be both quick and entertaining. It definitely was, but I imagine not for the reasons they thought. Now I can’t say for sure that this kid was out for blood, who knows how hard it was to navigate on the floor and how responsive the steering was so I was willing to give him a pass with that first collision. That guy couldn’t have timed his movements worse. That second collision is a little more suspect but I don’t think he was looking. At least that’s what I want to believe. You saw how jacked up the steering was on that other kids vehicle, you can’t rule that out. Sometimes things just get away from you.

My question is, what is with the people working this? You have little kids driving killing machines and you don’t have your head on a swivel. I feel like that has to be the first thing talked about when this idea wass introduced. Everyone keep your eyes on the cars at all times, and then we get to the big stage and nobody is even paying attention. I’m happy nobody got hurt and I’m glad that kid won, but the grown ups here maybe deserved to feel a little something for being so cavalier about the whole thing.