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The Chiefs' Jeff Allen Got Stuck In The Snow And Was Saved By A Homeless Man

NFL: JAN 12 AFC Divisional Round - Colts at Chiefs

Mother Nature doesn’t fuck around and she doesn’t discriminate. Saturday, before the Chiefs disgraced the Colts, KC’s Jeff Allen got stuck in the snow (athletes: they’re just like us) and was helped out by a kind stranger.

I live for this shit. Everybody always wants to talk about how horrible people are (and yes, some people are trash), how everyone is looking out for number one, how no good deed goes unpunished. All too often, the little bad that’s out there makes headlines as the enormous amount of good stays under the radar.

Not today!

It’s nice to be reminded that the majority of mankind is good. That there are still people out there willing to get out of the comfort of their warm car and into a freezing cold blizzard to help a complete stranger out.

And in this case, that person happens to be homeless.

Dave didn’t have much to offer, he simply saw someone who needed help and helped. It’s that simple. He didn’t know who Allen was, he didn’t want anything from him, he just helped because he could.

And because of his kind act, Dave will be heading to the AFC Championship to watch the Chiefs take on the Pats.

Karma isn’t always a bitch.