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Colts Release Offensive Line Coach Dave DeGuglielmo

This was a very shocking move for the Boys In Blue. DeGuglielmo made the O-line the best it has been in many years. Luck was only sacked 18 times, the fewest in a season if we are including a playoff run. According to Garafolo, it seems that Reich wants all of his coaches to be his own and not from McDaniels. Special teams coach Bubba Ventrone and defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus were coaches that McDaniels brought to this team before becoming a filthy rat and ditching the job. Bubba and Eberflus did a great job this season and I do not see them leaving anytime soon.

I’m pretty positive DeGuglielmo will land a job with another team. He was previously with the Giants, Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots. Whatever happens this offseason, Colts fans should live by the motto: “In Ballard we trust.”