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Nobody Should Be Shocked About Jason Garrett's (Rumored) Forever Extension

It hit the internet a few hours ago that the regardless of if the Cowboys beat the Rams tonight, Jerry Jones is going to extend Jason Garrett’s contract “long term.”

And the haters (especially in Philly) are REJOICING.

People have been asking me all day how I feel about the news. Here’s the thing, I’m not surprised. I knew that they were going to extend him well before today. After the shocking win over the Saints back in November, it was pretty obvious that Jerry was going to keep him around at least for the foreseeable future.

Now… a 10 win, division winning season after being 3-5? With a playoff win under his belt? Only the third playoff win for the Cowboys since 1996? Duh. Jerry is probably about to change his will. Jerry loves him and was looking for every reason to keep him.

And that’s exactly what happened with every single win. Jerry found a reason, even though the NFC East was garbage for the most part this year.

What I find interesting though is that there are a lot of Cowboys fans who have been talking mad shit to me all season who saw the news break and are all of a sudden thinking “wait a minute… this isn’t what we really wanted!”

Hate to break it to you, but this is EXACTLY what you wanted if you wanted this team to make a run this season. If you don’t like Jason Garrett being around forever, you should’ve been on the #FireEveryone train. Because as soon as the Cowboys started winning, it was all but decided that the clapper will probably be coaching this team for YEARS AND YEARS to come.

I’m sorry, you just can’t have it both ways.

Other sites are trotting out the fact that JG has only had one losing season, has won the division three times in the last five years and was COY in 2016. I guess these facts are supposed to make everybody feel good about the decision to extend him?! But I’ll tell you the only fact that I need to know: In his eight seasons in Dallas, he has two playoff wins. Two. And one came last week.

But… maybe, just maybe, this is year where Jason Garrett proves his worth and the Cowboys are back to being legit NFC contenders. TBD. Here’s to hoping that Scott Linehan is still on his way out and they get a more creative play caller in for the offense the same way they did for the defense.

I said last week’s W that it’s hard to deny this team is playing for something. They have “it”. Again, I don’t think it’s a Super Bowl contending “it”, but I can’t say this isn’t a fun ride right now. I’ve accepted it. I have no choice. I’ve accepted the fact that Jason Garrett is sticking around. I’ve accepted the fact that firing up the T-Shirt machine with #FireEveryone completely backfired.

Credit to me for admitting that. Hell, if you can’t beat em, join em.

So, congrats all you JG supporters, he’s all yours. And ours in Dallas until kingdom come.

Go Cowboys. #FinishThisFight. Oh ya, and Feed Zeke.