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Was A Stretcher Really Necessary To Carry Jozy Altidore Off The Field For A Strained Hammy?



Anyone who has played sports or drinks heavily enough to dehydrate the body more than the Sahara knows about muscle pulls. And blowing a hammy sucks. You pop one mid-stride and it literally feels like you got sniped from the bell tower. But was Jozy serious with this? Let me be clear: I’m not making light of him for being hurt. Yeah, the shit is painful as fuck I’m sure he was physically wiped out, but it was a strained hamstring. Not a shattered C-4 vertebrae. Hell, even El Pres was even able to tough it out and walk off the field after his hammy collapsed under all that sheer weight while running the 40.

I’m all for team USA and I know soccer is full of fish floppers but dammit, come on Jozy. If that leg detached clear off the body you still should wrap the arms around two teammates and one hop it off the field. We’ve already eliminated the most exciting play in baseball and have LeBron being carried off the court for not drinking his pregame cranberry juice. Show the kids out there the world isn’t full of pussification and it’s OK to tough it out. There has to be Willis Reeds in today’s sports other than in hockey and American football.

Am I wrong here or is this just expected in the game of soccer?

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PS – How clever do you think the Philly Inquirer editor was for hitting this softball out of the park? Same type of guy who goes golfing and says you spend more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff no less than 400 times.