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Chuck Pagano To Replace Vic Fangio As Bears Defensive Coordinator

Well there it is.

I wrote this like 4 hours ago regarding Chuck Pagano, and the Bears defensive coordinator search:

Chuck Pagano – I feel like Chuck gets alot of shit for some of the things he did during his tenure in Indianapolis, but if you look at his actual history the guy seems to know defense. He was the DC for the Ravens in 2011 where they ran a 3-4, and finished with a 12-4 record. That sole year is what got him the Colts job. He’s an interesting option that will also provide Nagy’s staff with more experience.

After I wrote that blog I texted a couple football people asking them who they think we should hire, and they all said Chuck Pagano. This makes me happy with the choice, and really just happy that it wasn’t dragged out.

Welcome to the squad, Chuck. Don’t fuck this defense up!