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Known Scumbag Logan Paul In Trouble For Saying He's Going To "Go Gay" For An Entire Month

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Source - Everyone has their New Year’s resolutions. Getting back into the gym, finally playing through that gaming backlog (why you do dis, Steam?), and other ways to just overall improve one’s life for the year ahead. Obviously the controversial Logan Paul had to put his own spin on resolutions, dubbing “Male Only March” to be a thing after he announced he’s “going gay” for a select period of time.

In a recent video, both Logan Paul and Mike “Hey Big Mike” Majlak decided to talk up what they had planned for the year. January is apparently all about going vegan, but March is where things get interesting for the streamer. According to Paul, he’s going to “only date men” during the entire month before “going back” to women in the subsequent month. 

I’m not going to mince words when it comes to Logan Paul. He’s a talentless, attention-starved douchebag whose entire success is built solely on the fact that he was one of the first guys to go viral on Vine. After Vine died, he pivoted to YouTube and took all his mindless prepubescent tween fans with him (hence the eighteen-million person following). If you haven’t checked out his page, here are some of his hits. First up is a trip to Japan’s “Suicide Forrest” where Logan and his buddies thought it would be fun to make fun of a teenager who had just hung himself.

Next up is a vlog about him fucking his brother’s long-term girlfriend, Alissa Violet, behind his back.

Here’s one of him getting an STD test after fucking said girlfriend.

You get the idea. Logan’s *severe and continuous lapses in judgement* are nothing new. So it was only a matter of time until he fucked up again.  I just didn’t know it was going to be in the form of him, “going gay for a month” as part of a New Year’s resolution. That said, taking himself out of the gene pool may not be the worst idea. I just wish he’d do it in a way that didn’t involve making an entire community the punch line of one of his shitty vlogs.

He’s currently getting both reamed out and roasted online, but I’m sure the backlash will fall on deaf ears. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand why what he did was wrong. Here are some of the tweets:

The consensus online is that this kid has rocks for brains and needs to go away. Although I doubt he will. He’ll just release another phony apology video where he pretends to have learned from his mistakes. What an asshole. Logan Paul if you’re reading, do everyone a favor and go fuck yourself, jerk.

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