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MUST WATCH: Happy Shut The Fuck Up Friday! Now Shut The Fuck Up

I’ve been waiting to put this video out for a week. I found it last Friday night and have literally left the tab open since that moment, knowing that if I closed it I would forget it ever existed and would never blog it. Luckily for you I never closed it so I remembered and now you also get to view this legendary video starring two of the most legendary gentlemen I’ve ever seen (despite the fact that the fella in the back’s jacket could use a tailoring and he should inhale his tobacco). It’s not only wildly entertaining but it’s also some great advice. If you find yourself at an illegal weed shop don’t say you’re a volunteer, shut the fuck up. If you get pulled over, shut the fuck up. If you want to disagree with a tweet I send, shut the fuck up.

And have a great holiday.

Update: I added the must watch tag. I thought it was deserving but I was scared to use one so early so I put it to a vote on Twitter and everyone agreed with me. Yes, that’s a cop out and breach of MW integrity. No, I don’t care. Shut the fuck up.