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The Wildest Ending To A Basketball Game Last Night Happened At A High School Game In Connecticut

So apparently wild ass endings didn’t just happen in college basketball last night. Here we have a New Canaan vs Stamford game in Connecticut, which I’m willing to say had the wildest ending of last night in basketball. Better than the 9 point 1 minute comeback in Oregon and wilder than New Mexico State drilling a half court buzzer beater.

The reason why? The steal and quick release. Check out how quick Ryan McAleer realizes he made the steal and had to get the shot up. Pretty absurd. Now, this is a bit different than say the Creighton/Marquette game. Stamford needed a bucket to win. That’s why they are going (somewhat) full court pass here. I actually really like the play design by Stamford too. Run the fake pick where, if you played high school basketball, you know there was always one team that tried to set the screen and flop to get the foul call. But instead of that it turns into a wheel route.

Obviously the pass isn’t a great one. Throws a corner route instead of a post route. But, credit to McAleer here. He’s in the right spot. Goes up and makes the catch. Lands, no dribble, launch. That’s how you do it. Unreal ending.