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Niners Fans Brawl In Bathroom And I'm Pretty Sure A Guy Died


“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY, hey, hey, hey” -every single person in this video.



What the fuck is up with Niners fans? Can they do anything without getting into a huge brawl? Feels like every weekend there is another fight video where someone basically dies. What could possibly make anyone want to fight in a bathroom at a stadium? Pretty simple rules. You get in line, you keep your head down, you take your piss and you leave. Getting into a fist fight was not in any of that routine. Savages.




If I ever got knocked out in a stadium bathroom just let me die on the floor like this guy. Much rather that than to wake up and have everyone tell me I was taking a nap on a bathroom floor full of piss.