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Luke Kennard Was Going After Someone On The Pistons Coaching Staff And Had To Be Held Back By His Teammates On The Bench. Luke Kennard Plays For The Pistons

Chalk this up to something you don’t typically see. I don’t know how many times we end up seeing a player getting held back by teammates because he’s wanting to go after someone on his coaching staff. Just a completely bizarre situation to see.

But, here we are. Luke Kennard, who Pistons fans probably are a bit upset about considering Donovan Mitchell went exactly one pick after, hasn’t lived up to the billing of a lottery pick. Part of it is the fact he can’t seem to get out of the doghouse of Stan Van Gundy and now Dwane Casey.

Casey is typically known for developing players and being great with rookies and young players. However, something is off between him and Kennard as obvious here. Apparently this happened after Casey yanked him after just 40 seconds after he was on the court. That’s typically not good at any level. Now, we don’t know what all happened or what was said yet and who exactly Kennard was trying to go after. But, yikes. The Pistons are 17-22 but are just 1.5 games out of the No. 8 seed in the East coming into this game.

Now we wait and see what happens with Kennard from here and what him/Casey/the Pistons say.