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Winning Easy Is Too Normal In College Basketball, So New Mexico State Drilled A Half Court Buzzer Beater Instead

I’ve been watching college basketball for as long as I can remember (thanks, Dad!) and been covering the sport at various outlets since 2008. I don’t remember a slew of finishes being so wild in one week than what we are seeing this week – not counting tournament play of course. It’s just coming in waves too (don’t worry, I’ll be blogging about UCLA too). It seems like there are 4 games ending within 2 minutes of each other with something wild happening at the end.

This time it was New Mexico State and Grand Canyon. Johnny McCants finished with 17 points off the bench, but none more notable than this buzzer beater. I mean, again, it’s just a wild situation all around. You have the missed free throw so it becomes a bit of a circus right away. If it’s a made free throw you’re at least able to apply light pressure and take an extra dribble or two. Nope. Then you’re not going to challenge the shot as much as normal so you don’t foul. It’s from halfcourt who cares right?

Of course it went in. College basketball, man. It’s the best and it’s delivering night in and night out for just wild games. They may not be great, but they are wild. This tournament is going to be awesome this year.