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College Basketball Keeps losing Me Money In Ridiculous Ways

UCLA against Oregon was a breeze the entire game. Oregon was dominating them completely, UCLA didn’t deserve to be on the court. I was even flipping back and forth with the Lindsey Lohan show because it is electric. That is besides the point but Oregon was up 9 with 1 minute to go. We had UCLA come down the floor just banging 3 after 3 and Oregon even fouled them to cut the lead to two. Oregon is still okay if they hit some free throws.

You really cannot make this up how it happens every night. If I am going to lose, let it be a blow out so I can just not worry about it. How are you not coming down with this rebound and ending the game. The worst part is, it gets worse.

There was still a chance while UCLA had to miss the extra point in order to tie it up. If Oregon rebounds it, they will get fouled and can go up 4 to cover. NOPEEEE they get the rebound and receive an and 1. This game ends up going to over time and Oregon loses the game outright. This went so fast from thinking I had a great win to holy shit Im losing everything. I must have really pissed someone off because I seem to be on every fucking bad beat. It just never stops. I need to find someone to put some good juju on me.