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Eddie Gran Is The Smartest Person Alive After Turning Down Georgia's Offensive Coordinator Position To Stay At Kentucky #CatsBy90

I never thought I’d type these words. But, a Kentucky (football) coach has decided to stay in the Bluegrass instead of going to Georgia. I mean think about that for a second. This was a real option. You’re heading to be offensive coordinator of Jake Fromm and company – almost assuring you a chance to be a head coach somewhere in a few short years.

That says so much about Kentucky and what they are growing. Do I think 10 wins every year is realistic? Probably not. But, the goal was always to be like Iowa of the SEC. Just continue to win 8 games a year. That’s the realistic plan and the trajectory that Kentucky is currently going on. Maybe they sneak an SEC East title out there during a great year. Maybe they win 6 on a down year. But, be like Iowa.

No doubt Kentucky fans have been critical of Eddie Gran. There are times where his playcalling is a bit confusing. Most notably when he left Benny Snell on the sideline against A&M when they needed a yard. The love of the Wildcat formation and how he seems to pull Terry Wilson out just when he starts to get going. But, the numbers don’t lie:

Throw in the fact that he’s a good recruiter, especially with ties to Florida and it’s a perfect match. Stoops and Gran are on the same wavelength when it comes to playcalling and strategy. Stoops has backed him numerous times whenever people complain about . him.

So why is this smart for Gran? Simply put he’s going to be set up nicely at Kentucky. At Georgia if something goes wrong you’re gone. They expect to win the SEC East every year. They expect to compete for national titles. At Kentucky a season like this and you’re going to live in history. I mean, I’m a rational Kentucky fan. I know how rare it is to see seasons like this. But, you’re building something here.

Simply put, I’m all in on Kentucky winning 10 games next year again.