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Fitness Smokeshow Says the TB12 Diet Made Her Too Skinny and Unattractive

Trainer 1

SourceA fitness trainer who attempted quarterback Tom Brady’s restrictive diet plan has warned followers about potential risks after she lost too much weight over the course of one month.

Toronto-based workout guru Keltie O’Connor decided to try Tom Brady’s TB12 diet before Christmas so she could inform followers on the benefits and drawbacks.

‘I didn’t do this to lose weight; I’m happy with where my body’s at, ‘ Keltie explained. …

‘I think of a balanced meal having some fruit or veggies, a complex carb, a protein, and a healthy fat,’ she said.

But the quarterback’s diet does not allow complex carbs to be served with proteins. Instead, people can eat complex carbs with vegetables or proteins with vegetables for their meals.

For snacks, the diet recommends eating protein bars, nuts, and homemade crackers.

‘I am not spending the time to make crackers,’ Keltie said.

‘No one has time for that. That’s another thing about this diet. It’s expensive and [Tom Brady] has a chef.’…

One morning around week two or three she woke up feeling extremely weak.

‘I woke up gaunt,’ Keltie said while sharing shocking images of the weight loss.

‘I felt weak and brittle. … Halfway through it was unattractive,’ she said. ‘I felt weak.’ …

‘My god this is a little too strict and weird,’ she said.

We are not so different, Keltie O’Connor and I. I mean, aside from the fact she’s a super attractive fitness trainer with an amazing body and I’m an aging, sedentary, E.T.-shaped, high-cholesteroled, high-functioning problem drinker who’d be a heart attack risk if only I gave enough of a shit about anything to have stress. But she and I agree on a lot of points.

I too, have the TB12 Method book. It was sent to me by the publisher when it first came out:

TB12 Method

I suppose I should’ve cropped that better, but whatever. Anyway, I opened it up and the first page I read recommended limited caffeine and no beer. Dealbreaker. Thanks but no thanks. Quite simply, a life without coffee and beer is a life not worth living. Coffee gets me through my morning. And alcohol not only makes me happy, it’s been clinically proven in many scientific studies to make me witty, charming, clever, debonair in that James Bond sort of way, intelligent, confident, likeable, a good singer and sexually desirable to women. I’m not giving up any of that just to see my abs for the first time since freshman football. No sale.

But here’s where Keltie O’Connor (by the way, the most Irish name I’ve ever heard and I’m feeling true love right now) and I part company. I don’t follow any of the TB12 diet because I’m a writer. It’s “too weird and strict” for me because my athletic performance is limited to golf, bowling and the occasional fishing trip. In other words, the only sports that have cup holders. If I was a fitness trainer with any sort of pride in my work, I’d live off it.

First of all, it works. 41-year-olds do not do this:

Or this:

… unless their diet and exercise regimen is revamping everything we know about human physiology and athletic performance. If you’re a “workout guru,” you almost have to follow his method. Like it’s your job. Because it is. If balancing my alkaline,  and making homemade crackers turned me into the ultimate blogger, I’d owe it to my employer to start separating my complex carbs from my proteins and eating dinners of vegetables. Fortunately, they do no such thing. But they will make you into a better trainer. It’s called “dedication.” Tom Brady has it. I don’t need it. Any self-respecting trainer should have it.

Finally where Keltie and I part ways is, she thinks this is too skinny and unattractive:

Trainer 4Trainer 5

Respectfully, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point.