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Gregg Popovich Is A Bad Leader For Regretting That He Said Kawhi Leonard Isn't A Leader

Toronto Raptors v San Antonio Spurs

[ESPN] - Popovich has regretted both his comments and the way they were perceived, sources said. 

BOOOOOOOO. That’s all I have to say about this. I love Gregg Popovich. The Spurs were always my mistress team because they were easily the most fun team to watch with guys like Manu, Parker and Duncan. But, now this?

You can’t leak through a source that you regret calling Kawhi not a leader. This shows you’re a bad leader. You can’t worry about Kawhi, you should be roasting him because guess what? There’s a good chance he ends up in your conference after this season as the Clippers are considered a favorite to land him. Don’t be buddy-buddy with him. Play up the hate and then call him privately and talk. Don’t break character.

The weird thing here is doing it through sources. I know Pop and the media are a weird relationship, but if you really wanted to regret it you apologize yourself or clarify in a press conference.

I will say this. Kawhi was always in a bit of a weird spot with the Spurs. He had those guys like Manu, Parker and Duncan on the team the entire time he was there. While he became the best player on the team, he never had to be the vocal leader or anything like that. He had Manu and Parker up until the year he essentially sat. So it’s no surprise that he wasn’t a leader. I’m just more upset that we were about to have a coach/player feud with guys that don’t talk and don’t like the media. It would have been all sorts of petty and even more content.