Klay Thompson Dribbled Just 4 Times Last Night. Klay Thompson Scored 43 Points

I love whenever Klay Thompson goes off like this. There’s always a ridiculous stat about how he never dribbles. But to score 43 points on 4 dribbles is flat out wild. He also never got to the free throw line. I think what I love even more is he got 2 steals. That alone should make you take a couple of dribbles either to push the ball, gather yourself or on a fastbreak. But, nope, not our guy Klay.

It’s impossible not to root for Klay. I don’t even are that he plays for the Warriors. He’s so goddamn funny, I mean look at some of this:

I need Klay to have a game where he takes 0 dribbles. We’re going down that path, we just need it to happen. Nothing but running off of screens for catch and shoot threes. That’s what we need Klay, give it to us. Give us a 50 burger with 0 dribbles. That or go the opposite way. I need a game where Klay has more dribbles than Harden.

It’s not even like he was inefficient! He shot the ball 29 times and was 18-for-29 from the field and 7-for-16 from three. That’s pretty damn impressive.