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Humboldt Crash Survivor Layne Matechuk Is Back On The Ice For The First Time

Seeing these guys get back out on the ice in any sort of capacity is beyond inspiring. Some of the 13 survivors were lucky enough to be able to return to playing fully. Some of the survivors took up sledge hockey. And then you have guys like Layne Matechuk who just got to get back out on the ice for the first time in 9 months after being in a coma and suffering some severe brain injuries. Obviously these guys still all have their lives after the crash but those lives will forever be altered both physically and mentally. So to see them getting back on the ice in any capacity and doing the thing that they love the most? It just goes to show how strong all of these guys are. It shows an unreal amount of courage, an unreal amount of strength, and an unreal amount of power to not allow the crash to completely take the game away from them.

Unfortunately there are 16 players, coaches, trainers, play-by-play announcers who won’t get the chance to be around the game anymore. And I’m sure there’s not a day that goes by that the survivors don’t think about that. So as much as I’m sure Layne Matechuk is getting back out on the ice for himself, he’s also got the entire Humboldt Broncos organization he’s lacing up those skates for. And I think that’s what is so special about Layne making his return to the ice. Because every time one of these guys are back out on the ice, you can feel those other 16 out there with them.

Stick taps for Layne. Here’s to hoping he continues to get stronger out there on the ice and in life. Can’t begin to describe the amount of heart this kid has. Believe.