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A Helicopter Caught Somebody Playing Mario Kart On The Jumbotron At Kauffman Stadium

Fucking epic. That would be so much goddamn fun man. What an awesome idea. I love the Kauffman Stadium employee who looked at the jumbotorn one day and was like, “Yep. Tomorrow I’m bringing in my N64 and we’re all playing Mario Kart on that.” I bet they do it all the time after work but they just so happened to get caught today by a news helicopter on assignment. The guys and gals who play probably have an excel spreadsheet and keep all their records like we do with the BICL at Barstool HQ. I’d love to give it a shot. I’m not the best Mario Kart player but I try my best and always have fun.

That right there also goes to show that Mario Kart is the game that’ll never ever get old. Mario Kart came out in 1992 (!!!!!!!!) and it’s still the game everybody plays when they’re hanging out with their buddies. Doesn’t matter how much time passes. Doesn’t matter if you own a PS4 or an Xbox One. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing on TV at an apartment or if you’re paying on the jumbotron at a Major League Baseball stadium. Mario Kart is the game everybody knows and loves. Many consoles and games have come out since the N64 and Mario Kart but nothing has ever matched it and nothing ever will.

PS- Do you think Rainbow Road would be easier on a giant screen like that? If you answered, “yes” to that question, you’re wrong. Rainbow Road never gets easier. It is the hellscape that’ll haunt all of us until we’re six feet underground.