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We Have A Couple Of Petty NBA Teams On Our Hands

Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers

If there is one thing we all can agree on, it’s that pettiness of any kind in professional sports is always entertaining. If you aren’t aware of the current Patrick McCaw situation, you’ve missed one of the more interesting stories of the season. You may remember Patrick McCaw, of Golden State fame

Well you see he this summer he and the team couldn’t agree on a new deal and he became a restricted free agent. He sat out the entire year so he could eventually hit the market as an UFA and get paid while moving to a team where he could actually play. Enter the Cavs, you know those same Cavs the Warriors have a little history left. Dan Gilbert may not have been able to beat this team on the court, but he would be able to pull one over GS in the boardroom. You see the Cavs knew the Warriors weren’t going to match their offer. Not when they have important future financial decisions to make. This is Patrick McCaw after all we’re talking about here. So just like that he became a Cav and actually played

This was the Cavs attempt to make it seem like they wanted McCaw. Bad news is they cut him after a week, officially getting him the free agency he wanted. Now the Warriors don’t have the player, and can’t move him in a potential deal. The Cavs essentially stole McCaw and broke him free from the Warrior’s grasp and there was nothing they could do. Sort of a weird flex from Dan Gilbert but whatever.

Now the Warriors are crying about it and want the league to investigate. That’s the other interesting wrinkle of this whole thing. The NBA hooks nobody up like it does Dan Gilbert, but the Warriors are a dynasty. It’s not like LeBron is still in CLE or anything so what could the league do? Can they prove that CLE didn’t really want McCaw and was just being petty? Again, who would do all this just for a maybe rotation player? Dan Gilbert would, that’s who. Even if Gilbert did do shady shit in order to pull this off, I’m all for it. Fuck the Warriors and their dominance, you didn’t need Patrick McCaw in the first place and you got got. Deal with it.