My Generous Boss El Presidente Is Giving Me A Free $1,000 Bet

So if you did not watch the stream last night, the degenerate boys took on FanDuel for the National Championship game. Everyone was on Clemson besides Kayce and I.  Lets just say it wasn’t a fun night for us.

This was only in the 1st quarter. Just sitting in silence and getting elbowed in the head while watching my co-workers celebrate. All the excitement I had in the first quarter came to an end when Alabama decided to false start. I had Bama every which way, so I was a sad sack of shit while dave won 60K. Slightly better than me winning potentially $800.

Dave saw how much I was down and has given me a chance to get out of the hole. Today is officially one of the biggest days of my life. At first he was thinking of just giving me the $800 I lost and calling it a day, but then he decided that he isn’t a charity (fair). He wants me to earn the money and this will put my brain to the test. His offer is that he will give me a free $1,000 bet.

Meaning that I make the bet with my bookie and if I lose, Dave pays the grand. If I win, I get to keep the $1000 which makes me a very happy man. I got home late last night and couldn’t sleep. I was just looking at spreads and researching all night so I don’t embarrass myself today.

I need to buckle down and not mush this opportunity. If I can hit this bet tonight I’ll be able to pay off a substantial amount to my bookie. I want to thank Dave for the kindness and I don’t want to waste $1,000 of his own money. For degenerates everywhere, you know this is a once in a lifetime chance. Let’s send positive vibes my way to get this win. I have been going back and forth in my head all day about what team I’m taking. you do not get many do-overs in life and I was granted one. I refuse to waste Daves money and leave the mush behind tonight. I will make a final decision soon and keep you guys updated. Godspeed.