The Philadelphia Eagles Have Never Won A Super Bowl In A Year That Alabama Didn't Win A National Championship. Is It Time To Worry?

NFL: JAN 06 NFC Wild Card - Eagles at Bears

Not a fucking chance.

Don’t get me wrong. I obviously would have preferred if the stars were aligning the exact same way they were last year. I would be feeling a little more confident today if Alabama won the National Championship and if the Philadelphia Soul won the Arena Bowl like they both did last year. In the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, they’ve only won a Super Bowl when both of those teams were champions of their respective leagues as well. But am I worried about it? Not in the slightest. And why is that?

Nick Foles? Massive hog.

Jake Elliott? Massive hog.

Doug Pederson? Extra large sack.

The universe is doing everything in its power right now to prevent another Eagles Super Bowl. It’s the only reasonable explanation for how Clemson could have gone out there and beat Nick Saban by 4 touchdowns. The world doesn’t want another Eagles Super Bowl. The world can’t handle another Eagles Super Bowl. It’s a shame that a franchise with such a squeaky clean track record like the New Orleans Saints would stoop as low as to pay Nick Saban off to throw the biggest game of his year just to attempt to prevent the Eagles from winning another Super Bowl. But the difference is that when Nick Saban wakes up every morning, he eats a couple of oatmeal cream pies. As for Doug Pederson? Well there are some slightly different cream pies on his daily schedule.

Go Birds.