Clemson Just Locked Up Every Future Recruit Thanks To Recreating Suge Knight And The Source Awards

Yeah, sure you could point to absurd catches by Justyn Ross and some ridiculous throws by Trevor Lawrence, but I’ll point to this in a few years. This is why Clemson is about to be a dynasty in college football. I don’t need to hear anything else. If you’re a recruit and you hear this how do you not go to Clemson?

The best part of this all is this was planned. You know they discussed this at some point. That’s the ultimate move. That’s how you know you kicked Alabama’s ass. You’re out here clowning the Alabama, Nick Saban and the entire college football world by recreating this:

Low key the best part was Trevor Lawrence just standing awkwardly on the side. My man had no idea what was going on. But, my God, this was awesome.