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Wake Up With Kevin Youkilis And Pretty Ricky Porcello Mixing It Up After A Bean Ball
As they say with every baseball "fight", this wasn't much of a fight. We did see Kevin Youkilis make his way to the mound,throw his helmet at Rick Porcello, and then embrace Porcello with a nice big hug. Porcello then flips the script and slams Youk to the ground. It basically ends there as the teams meet, people yell, people point, and people shove. That is how baseball fights at the mound normally go.
I will say that I was cracking up at Pretty Ricky backpedaling as Youk sprinted towards the mound. Ricky wanted NONE of that Youk smoke. None at all.
The broadcasters go over what caused the charging of the mound, and you can see why he did. Beanballs were exchanged, Edwin Jackson hit Youk the night before and looked like he wanted the fight, but didn't get it. Edwin wanted it the second night too, he was eyeballing and yelling at someone. By his reactions, it did look like the ball got away from Porcello, but with what had happened the night before, you had to know the next guy getting hit was charging the mound.
Little more than 80 days until Opening Day, we can do it, you guys.