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White Sox Ink Kelvin Herrera, Officially Have A Loaded Bullpen

Bam, love it.  The White Sox are sneaky going to have a really nice pen next year.  Kelvin Herrera is a solid reliever.  Over his last 5 seasons, he’s had a sub 3ERA in 4 of the years and has had a FIP that’s consistently hovered around the mid 3’s.  He struggled a bit in 2017 but he also had a spike in his HR rate which is why.  Looks like it was more a product of shit luck than anything. It normalized again in 2018 and he was good for 2.44 and a K/IP.  You can absolutely pencil him in for that again this year – 60ish innings of solid relief pitching this year.

Hahn has done a fantastic job of accruing potential high leverage relievers by dealing from their surplus international money and now is doing it through free agency.  He’ll join up with Burr, Frare, Hamilton, Colome, Jones (if healthy), Clarkin, Frye, and maybe Burdi, Tyler Johnson and Vieira, all of whom have 8th-9th shut the door type shit.  This is going to be one of the better bullpens in baseball next year and a definite strength of the team.

Now go and get us Machado!!!