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Cardinals Fans Read Mean Tweets About The Cardinals, TOTALLY Miss The Point About Reading Mean Tweets



Alright, I know when I talk about the Cardinals and my blood gets boiling everyone thinks I’m just being a bitter Cubs fan. And to a small degree sure, I am. Of course I wish the Cubs were in the NLCS every year, that’s the most obvious thing in the world. But this video perfectly illustrates why Cardinals fans are the worst. It’s actually so perfect that I think it may be a troll. Why? Well let’s actually try to figure out the formula for the “read mean tweets” videos.


Step 1.

-Get a celebrity or person of note or even a Barstool blogger

Step 2.

-Have said person read mean tweets or comments about themselves.

Step 3.

-There is no step 3.


There it is, that’s the entire thing. You make the celebrity or person of note seem self deprecating, capable of taking a mean joke, we all laugh and we move on. So what did the Cardinals fans do? Well of course they added an entire ending to the video saying #SorryNotSorry, sorry we’re so awesome, and sorry we play in October every year. They were almost there and then they went and proved that they don’t understand anything about anything. Cardinals fans, do you understand the disconnect here? You could make a funny video of people being mean to you and show that you’re aware and can laugh at it. That’s a great video. Everyone loves a person who can laugh at themselves. But then you did the most Cardinals thing ever and basically thumbed your nose at the rest of us and bought into your best franchise in sports mantra. It’s incredible. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt (not really, this is just a thing people say), but you are literally incapable of having an ounce of self awareness. End of rant, I need to go for a walk.



This one was fantastic. Never apologize for hating your enemy.