Hailey Bieber Says She's Insecure, Fragile, Hurting And More In Latest Instagram Post


So Hailey Baldwin/Bieber posted this on Instagram yesterday talking about how she struggles with anxiety, being insecure, and that every day is a confidence battle for her. Obviously this is sad for Hailey considering she must deal with so much hate for being married to Justin Bieber and people are ALWAYS comparing her to Selena Gomez.  I feel like some people think that celebrities can’t struggle because they have money and fame but that’s just simply not true. Imagine people picking apart your every move and telling you that you’re worthless compared to other people? She mentions that she has spent countless days scrolling on Instagram wishing she was someone else and I feel like a lot of us can resonate with what she was saying here. There are tons of beautiful people on Instagram that we look at everyday and wonder why we can’t be them but Hailey reminds us here that we are all our own people made up of all our own personalities and differences and that’s what makes us each unique.

Reading this from Hailey actually made me feel a lot better because there are plenty of days where I feel the same exact way, lacking confidence, and I’m sure some people reading this may feel the same. This weekend was actually one of those times where I found myself over thinking more and more about how I wish I looked a different way and it was eating me alive. Seeing someone beautiful like Hailey Baldwin post something like this made me feel better. Bebe Rexha actually said it perfectly here in the comments…


“I look at you and say what an incredibly beautiful woman Hailey is she is so perfect, i’d love to have her body, her face”, says Bebe Rexha in this comment. That’s how I feel. Someone who I wish I looked like also feels the same insecurities I do, which is comforting. But she reminds everyone at the end of her post that you are enough and you are loved and that’s something everyone should always remember.

That’s enough emotions for this Monday. Let’s get back to talking about Pete Davidson banging Kate Beckinsale.