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It Was A Brutal Weekend For Leg Injuries, Even In MMA


So I know everybody and their mothers have already seen Allen Hurns snap his ankle like a twig during the Cowboys vs Seahawks game this weekend – even I was watching – but if you missed it, here’s the clip!

(Fair warning: I thought I wanted to see it until I did.)

Same sorta situation Feits had on his hands.

BUT, if you’ve completed your puking and would like to see one more gruesome leg injury before you tackle the week, look no further than American Kombat Alliance’s “Right of Passage 6” event – a regional MMA show put on in Louisiana – where Jonathan King suffered the worst injury I’ve seen in a cage since Anderson Silva’s shin bone stopped cooperating with him.

Nearly identical to that Silva injury back in 2013, we, the viewer, get to see what happens when a leg kick gets properly checked! How joyous!