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I Don't Care If The Ball Was Tipped, Cody Parkey STILL Does Not Get A Beef Tonight


Tip or no tip I’m salty so someone is getting blamed. On the one hand, it’s possible the ball was tipped depending on how closely you’re willing to look at that grainy raw flip phone footage. On the other hand, maybe Cody Parkey just missed his 11th kick like the other 10 kicks before it. At the very least he conditioned us to kicking footballs directly off the uprights throughout the duration of the 2018 season. So that’s nice because we were prepared. But at the same time, I don’t think anyone imagined anyone could possibly be this soft about losing a football game:

I’ve never been more upset with a twitter account that I have login access to. Respect what? How about a sliver of goddamn raw emotion that the bulk of us can take to our jobs tomorrow? How about something for me to bite into so I don’t punch another wall? It’s crazy to me how nonchalant someone can be when they literally ruin the entire season. Even if it was tipped you know what I think? Kick it better so it doesn’t get tipped. Idk. I’m not a kicked and neither are you. I just know that when you have a job and it’s the only job you have and it’s extremely simple in responsibility, like kicking a fucking football a certain distance on target. Then you should be pretty fucking good at it. You don’t get a butchered oil change because well that’s the way oil changes go. Not at all actually. They’re straightforward which is why you have high expectations. Same thing with kicking a football. You literally have all year to be prepared for a fucking field goal and welp here we go let’s miss 11 in one goddamn season. Even if just the tip, Cody I’m going to need you to get mad one time for me. Let us know you’re willing to break your hand over a table/chair/countertop too. Don’t make all of us feel so alone.