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Somebody Added Seth Rogen's Laugh To The Video Of The Guy Running Away Laughing And It's A Delight

The original

Slamming a cop to the ground? Not good. Running away and laughing like The Joker as another cop prepares to Lawrence Taylor you to the ground? Good. Someone on the internet replacing the laugh with Seth Rogen’s infamous chuckle? Also good. I’d argue that the original is better than the Rogen but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the Rogen one. I like it a lot and am happy it exists.

It’s always fun any time a clip goes viral and internet people start putting their own spin on it. That’s when the internet is at it’s very best. It’s why NBA Twitter is so much better than MLB Twitter. The MLB holds onto their footage like it’s precious diamonds that can only be handled by specific people wearing white gloves. Meanwhile the NBA lets their fans have everything and it spawns incredible content and provides user-based coverage for the league. It’s like how Jared ‘The Rocket’ Carrabis has created an absolute monster with David Ortiz’s Da Jankees Lose. People send in remixes every time he tweets out that video and it’s a raucous good time. Or how people are replacing the Space Jam ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ scene with other songs now that everybody is aware that R. Kelly is a massive stinky piece of garbage. Long live the internet.