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Little Weasel Piggy Dan Snyder Should Be Ashamed And Embarrassed

You see this Dan Snyder? The Cowboys just won a home playoff game. Do you know how many playoff games the Redskins have won since the turn of the century? Since the turn of the millennium? TWO. We beat the Tampa Bay Bucs in the wild card game in 2005. 14 fucking years ago, and the last playoff win before that was the wild card game on January 8, 2000. Before that? The wild card game on January 2, 1993. What a freaking JOKE.

Dan Snyder bought the Skins 20 years ago and has systematically ruined the history and culture of the team. In the time since we last won a playoff game, the Giants have won 2 Super Bowls. The Eagles have won 1 Super Bowl. And now the Cowboys have won a home playoff game and who knows, maybe they’ll win another playoff game next week.

Dan Snyder should be embarrassed. He should be ashamed. Every other team in the division has prospered during his tenure as owner. He has done everything wrong. Hired the wrong guys, made the wrong deals, run the team the exact wrong way. He let guys like Vinny Cerrato and now Bruce Allen make vital decisions. He has been in the war room on draft day demanding they take Malcolm Kelly. He has paid guys like Albert Haynesworth way too much money and given extensions to guys like Donovan McNabb who couldn’t even throw the football 15 yards in the air.

When I see the Eagles win the Super Bowl and the Cowboys win a home playoff game, all I can think about is how it’s Dan Snyder’s fault. We should have been the team to stop this all from happening, but Dan Snyder let it happen. It’s on him. Our biggest rivals are stunting left and right, playing in playoff games, winning Super Bowls, and we have nothing. NOTHING. Everything that sucks is because of him, and nothing will change until he falls off a cliff and dies.