Tony Hawk Said Warner Brothers Asked Him About Making A "Space Jam" Movie For Skateboarding

The people with decision making powers in this world consistently let me down time and time again. “Looney Tunes: Back In Action” may have stunk out loud, but who cares? You know how many Looney Tunes properties there have been? Billions. One stinker wasn’t about to make people turn their backs forever on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Shortsightedness like you read about. “Skate Jam” is a terrible title for a movie but that was merely the working title for the pitch, that could have been worked out and fixed easily. But not having this movie come out in fear of another flop by the same company that put out fucking CATWOMAN in 2004 is a laughable excuse.

For those of you who forget what CATWOMAN was like, here’s a brief reminder.

We got that nonsense instead of “Skate Jam” because the world didn’t want to see Brendan Fraser and Bugs Bunny sharing the silver screen in 2003. You had the Michael Jordan of skateboarding locked in and ready to go and you bury it. Cowardice plan and simple. This movie might have stunk but since they never made it I’m going to assume it would have fucking ruled. I’m picturing Rune Glifberg trying to bust out a Christ Air, unaware that he got his powers stolen from him, and absolutely eating piles of shit and breaking his neck. This movie writes itself. It basically could have been “Brink” but with aliens, Tony Hawk and Danny DeVito. If Warner Brothers has any gumption they’ll revisit this project, put “Space Jam 2″ on hold forever, and make cinematic history with the greatest skateboarding movie ever of all time.